Thursday , 24 July 2014
  • Tormentress debut album ready

    Tormentress debut album ready

    Singaporian all-girl thrash metal band tormentress are about to unleash their first full-length albu...

  • Girlie Hell – Gunpowder

    Girlie Hell – Gunpowder

    Girlie Hell releases new song and music video, a preview of the 7” singles vynil that will come out ...

  • Naurum


    Naurum is a Death Metal band, with a tendency towards the melodic, founded in early 2011 in Guadalaj...

  • All-female tribute bands

    All-female tribute bands

    The definitive directory of all-female metal tribute bands, all-girl cover bands playing AC/DC, Aero...

  • Jade Jean

    Jade Jean

    New Zealand Thrash Metal ...

  • P.L.Girls – Calaveras
  • Nervosa – Death
  • X-it – Malherida