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Fedra is a band with a different proposal within the black metal realm, professing a dark and extrem metal style run by female members, inspired by pagan and dark reasoning, adding blasphemous ideals concerning the darkness, night, evil, paganism, occultism and death.

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Mortarium is a Female Doom Metal band from Rio de Janeiro, four women united in the purpose of expressing their innermost feelings through their music.

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Mortarium new lineup


Mortarium, the all-female doom metal band from Brazil have ended their search for a new bassist. The line-up has been completed with the Vivi Alves, who joined forces with Julie Sousa (drums), Laiane Gaião (vocals) and Tainá Dominues (guitar and gutural vocal). Check everything related to the band at their Facebook Page:

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grey (1)

Emerging from the sweaty, dark jungle of AC/DC tribute bands, this * new * all * girl * supergroup * has gotten together in 2010 to show you how to rock.

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Tantalum without vocalist


Tantalum has posted this note in their facebook, regarding the departure of vocalist Elysia Agius: “We would like to inform all our fans that Tantalum and vocalist Elyisa Agius have parted ways. Tantalum will be continuing the rock, and are currently writing new songs to melt your face with. Auditions to fill her place will begin in the next few …

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Black Palace


They are a Mexican formation that takes as its starting point the sound of the early Norwegian black metal bands, adding sparkle and melodic death metal brutality. The project is not closed and like to experiment, allowing various influences disturb the sound order while affecting the harmonies already created.

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Tap This


Tap This is the world's only all girl tribute to Spinal Tap. They deliver pure heavy duty rock 'n roll playing all the classic Spinal Tap hits plus some extra classic rock tunes.

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gris2 (3)

Hellectra, a hard rock'n'rose quartet, are born in 2009, with Vale "Ska" Guidetti on drums, Claire Giaminardi on guitar and Giulia "Juliet" Meli as singer and front girl. After many lineup changes, in 2010 the young but energetic bass player Annalisa "Annie" Carpignano is added to the band.

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