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Mab born in Sardinia, Italy, from Psycho Jeremy (bass and vocals) and Jecky (drums). Created as an all-female band since the beginning, it's been a rule never broken even they suffered some lineup changes. They moved to London and started playing in small venues, that became bigger as did they popularity.

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Diamond Beast

Diamond Beast represent the first "all female" European tribute to the most famous heavy metal band: Iron Maiden

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Dormitory Effect

Susan Wendelken and Urith Myre had already met at late nineties in a New York-based band called One Step Beyond. After parting ways they decided to contact the guitarist from Perseverance, Meredith Hermann, and Neutron Cafe's drummer, "Gee" (Gina Ilasi) and Dormitory Effect was born.

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Atomic Blonde

Originally called Glass Lily, this Nashville quartet practices a commercial hard rock with quality. Their instrumental power, with some flash of sweetened garage/punk, is counterbalanced by the melodic and sometimes sensual voice of Dacia.

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Deimos interview

Deimos was the first all-female death metal band coming out from Turkey. They splitted in 1998, and now we remember this trio interviewing its component I??k Evirgen Listen to Deimos while reading the interview: Deimos was born in 1996. How did it all start, were you the first all-female death metal band in Turkey? Everything started within our friendship. I …

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Branigan interview

Interview with Megan Branigan, the only musician behind Branigan. Her music is characterized by progressive passages, epic and melodic winds and clean vocals combined with black registers. Listen to Branigan while reading the interview: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Which is the current Branigan status, are you recording, on hiatus, composing? I wouldn’t say that I’m on hiatus. …

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