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Back By Midnite interview

Back By Midnite is a metal trio coming out from Philippines. They started as a pop band, but saw the light and currently they are the only all-female metal band in their country. Listen to Back By Midnite while reading the interview: The first thing that kept my attention about Back By Midnite is that you started as a pop …

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They were friends from their school days in Newcastle, Australia. Peta and Renee contacted the drummer Regina, who not only brought her friend Kristy to be in charge of the vocal duties but suggested the name which brings together the same line-up since then, Amathyst.

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Belle Gunness interview

Belle Gunness was a mid-tempo thrash act born in the Netherlands in 2004. Their band name coincides with that of a serial killer from Norway, who after seducing men they were killed and feed the pigs. We interviewed the drummer Martine Sipma to know a little more about the band.

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Ilkim Oulanem

Ilkim Oulanem is a one-person female black metal project in Turkey. In 2005, Oulanem formed a pure black metal band called Messershmit in Ankara. After performing as a bass-vocal in the band for a while, in 2008 she released a personal 2-track demo.

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