Thursday , 25 August 2016
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Area 7


Area 7 was born in 1999 when the Foronda sisters created a band that pays tribute to acts like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Nirvana. After the typical initial hesitation, finally they consolidated as a solid quartet led by Diana and Fátima Foronda, supplemented by the drummer Josie Romani who suggested Karol Uriol's entry, who switched from guitar to bass.

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New Inharmonious video clip


The Mexican thrash/death quintet Inharmonious have released a new video for the song “Spit The Pain”, from their debut EP “Echoes Of Rage”. The EP “Echoes Of Rage” was presented in 2007, and contains four tracks sung in English, with titles such as “Omission”, “Your Death”, “Spit The Death” and “Before You Were Born”. Inharmonious next plans are recording which …

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Blonde Jovi change their name

Blonde Jovi, the all-female tribute to Bon Jovi have been forced to change its original name after a legal battle with Jon Bon Jovi lawyers. Blonde Jovi will be renamed temporarily Blonde Jersey, until they find a definitive name. They accept suggestions, so you can contact them through their MySpace to deliver yours:

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Tantalum preparing their debut EP


Tantalum are writing the material to complete the australian act debut EP. Due to this work they have been forced to cancel some gigs, although they don’t discard to make ocasional shows. We’ll keep an eye on the musical evolution of this rock quintet. Read more about Tantalum

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Hollie and Amy had left Anghell months ago and her friend Taryn Lee was dying to play with them. She met and backed Hollie Petit in an audition to join her former band, Rapunzel, but was not supported by the rest.

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gris2 (2)

With this curious name tribute to Hitchcock, but with a feminine touch and thug, Annemiek van Grondel and the drummer Elisabeth Esselink began rehearsing in a dark studio. It was the summer of 1990, but it was not until seven years later and several lineup changes that the band matured and finally showed their cards, an mixture of alternative hard rock and melodic guitars.

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Astarte inteview


We talked to Tristessa, Astarte's leader and the only member from the original lineup. She speaks about the past, present and future of the mythic helenic band. She reveals interesting aspects of her relationship with the former Astarte components, Astarte's musical concept and why being an all-female band, among other important facts from their history

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