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Fourever began their musical voyage back in the Fall of 2000. By then they had no definite name, and was largely devoted to making versions. In 2002 they began composing their own songs, from the hand of the guitarist Mia. There were four, so they decided to call 4-ever.

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Formerly known as Scandalux, this quartet from Stockholm now is searching a new bassist. They change their name because Scandalux did not comply with the direction they were contemplating in their music, a heavy base with influences from Metallica, Megadeth, Phantom Blue and Judas Priest.

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Yellow Machinegun


Over fifteen years of history and five albums endorse this curious japanese trio. Judging their promotional photos you would never imagine the music they do, and the anger transmitted by their thrash punk.

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Xenolith Oger


Inicialmente llamadas Zet, Este es uno de los primeros grupos thrash íntegramente femeninos de Japón, y del que desgraciadamente tenemos menos referencias.

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Wench was Yana Chupenko' s (originally from Ukraine) project, who previously had participated in the female punk band PMS (Pre Metal Syndrome) in the 80s. Looking for more recognition, Yana formed Wench (in fact with 4 ex-PMS), who had some renown in magazines like Kerrang and Rip in the late 80s.

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This is a very young band from Japan, originally from Hokkaido, aged around 18 years and already starting their journey through the lands of death metal.

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Valhalla (formerly Necrophia and Phobia) began their career in 1989, and today remain active and with 2 LPs under they belt. The first was titled "... In The darknes Of Limb" which opened the gates to perform several concerts throughout Brazil.

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Undying Hate


Undying Hate is a quartet from New Mexico, United States, which produce a sound that starts with a base mix of hardcore and thrash, strengthened by the death metal voices of Patricia "Tum-tum" Macfadyen.

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Turdus Merula

turdus merula

This ambient black metal project grown in the mind of Dísa, who offers her particular music vision under the name of Turdus Merula.

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A curious band. While their image appears to show three girls dressed for a Halloween party, music itself becomes aggressive. This seems to be one of the main features of Tormentula, mixing humor with aggressiveness, also present in their lyrics. Their style is often medially associated with the black metal label, although approaching a punkish doom/death metal.

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