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November Grief


November Grief was a thrash / death metal band from Montreal, Canada. Initially called Mistrust, their creators were Annie Lecrerc on drums, and vocalist Stéphanie Masson, who took over the bass duties by failing to find anyone to fill the position.

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Mimic was a quartet from North Carolina who published two EPs, practicing a style so-called Groove Melodic Heavy Metal. Translating, heavy with a melodic touch but with a semi-thrash groove basis, the likes of Machine Head.

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Mercenary is a very young band from Mexico. Since the beginning the intention of Gabriela, Yessenia and Adriana was to compact an entirely female thrash metal band.

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This group of death / grind from Tijuana was formed in August 2007 by La Empaladora behind the four strings and the micro and Emperatriz Paisa on guitasr. Soon it came La Caníbal, who handled to tamp with their guttural screams.

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Melencolia Estatica


Melencolia Estatica es el proyecto de Climaxia, guitarrista del grupo de Absentia Lunae. Con un sonido particular de romanticismo, melodía y black metal, Melencolia Estatica ha producido dos álbumes, "Melencolia Estatica" y "Letum" en el 2008.

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Massacridia come from Philippines, a band devoted to classical songs from thrash bands like Slayer, Kreator or Testament, without having even their own compositions.

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We have very little information on this trio from the Czech Republic. They only released a complete demo in 1989, "Strašidlo z Canterville", self-produced and which featured 13 tracks.

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Solo project of Demonica, who has gone back to her black roots after working in the dark ambient act called Midnattsdottir.

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Labei Ritual


Although their first and only EP "Dreadful Prophecies" was published in 2007, Ritual Labei began their project in 1992 while studying at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Killing Mary / Eviscerated


Killing Mary is a band that is still gestating. Began their journey in October 2007, and after several changes in their lineup they are currently seeking drummer.

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