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The Agony


(English) The Agony is an all-female heavy rock band from the Czech Republic. They've recorded and released their debut EP titled "Loud And Furious" in July 2013.

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(English) Las Brujas new album

Las Brujas La Reencarnacion

(English) The new album from Las Brujas, the legendary all-female metal band from Argentina, is entitled "La Reencarnación". It's been released in Portugal by Metal Soldiers records, and it features songs, videos, rehearsals, reports, press releases and advertising on band gigs.

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(English) Wicked Asylum composing

wicked asylum

(English) Wicked asylum is in composing process in order to finnish their first EP, which will consist on three unreleased tracks. By now, this all-female hard rock/metal band from Italy have recorded their first single, "Anthem".

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