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Although Aphasia was formed in the mid-nineties, they represent those bands from the eighties who succeed mixing hard rock and heavy metal, such as Def Leppard, Dokken or Mr. Big.

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Country: Japan
History: 1994 – present
Status: Active
Style: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal

Although Aphasia was formed in the mid-nineties, they represent those bands from the eighties who succeed mixing hard rock and heavy metal, such as Def Leppard, Dokken or Mr. Big.

With a trio shaped nucleus maintained almost throughout all its history, Jun, Goe and Yumi (drummer, guitarist and vocalist respectively), they debuted on vinyl appearing on the compilation “Women’s Power FIRST”, an assimilated title that has helped to keep their name alive.

Demo after demo they were strengthening their style, until 1999 when Aphasia released “Mirage On The Ice”. After it they made their first Japanese tour, and in 2001 a successful “Wings Of Fire” which gave them a recording contract with King Records. Following the signing they were gradually guiding their steps to a more power pop style, without losing their hard melodic base. “Labyrinth In My Heart” and the recommended “Wild & Innocent” started the trend, confirmed in “Gambler”.

They latest release “Sweet Illusion” features a new vocalist, Luka.

Luka – Vocals
Sumiko “Goe” Ishikawa – Guitar
Jun Takeda – Drums

Former members:
Noriko Takahashi – Keyboards
Kyoko “Kyon” Morita – Bass
Ten – Guitar
Junko Suzuki – Bass
Myu – Bass
Sho – Bass
Satoko Mizoshita – Guitar
Yumi Kondoh – Vocals
Saki – Bass
Maki – Keyboards

1995, “Demo” (Demo)
1997, “Aphasia II” (Demo)
1999, “Mirage On The Ice” (LP)
2001, “Wings Of Fire” (LP)
2003, “Labyrinth In My Heart” (LP)
2004, “Wild And Innocent” (LP)
2005, “Mirage” (EP)
2006, “Gambler” (LP)
2009, “Sweet Illusion” (LP)

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  1. Hi dear Metaladies!
    Thank you very much for an article about Japanese band!
    I am sorry, but some mistakes appeared… (well, everybody makes it)
    …as far as I know:
    Aphasia released 3 demo tapes (1996, 1997, 1998) and debuted (with 2 songs) 1998.6.15 on compilation CD album Women’s Power FIRST, then follow their CD albums…
    about members: they have still the same vocalist KONDOH Yumi = YUMI = LUKA (she just changed her name) and bassguitar player MORITA Kyooko = MIU (she also only changed her name, and she is probably MYU from your list)…
    I was lucky enough to see them live and it was wonderful, very powerful and really nice show… of course I have all their CDs.
    Once again thank you for the great pages and wish you success

  2. Thank you so much for your information, Ota.

    I’ll correct the information asap.

    Keep on visiting our site!

  3. Hi, i like ur all album Aphasia Metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. Hello, very nice site found plenty of good bands so far :D I did however think that Exist Trace or Danger Gang would have found it’s way on here. They’re all girl metal bands from Japan.

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