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Dracena, or basically the group of swedish Mia Larsson and her companions in turn, started in 1994. In fact today, almost fifteen years later, she keeps the name of Dracena herself.

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Country: Sweden
History: 1994 – Currently
Status: Active
Style: Thrash/Death Metal

Dracena, or basically the group of swedish Mia Larsson and her companions in turn, started in 1994. In fact today, almost fifteen years later, she keeps the name of Dracena herself.

Hes music mixes the classic metal guitars with the power of the thrash, and death reminiscences with the voices of Mia giving a black metal touch. A bit of everything mixed with quality. Dracena is undoubtedly one of the most recommendable of the bands I mention in this site.

It started as an all-female band, with the rest of instrumentists without having much knowledge of music, until in 1998 Runemagick’s drummer Niclas Rudolfsson joined the lineup.

Before that, Dracena issued its first non-official demo, with only 100 tape copies, which included 3 own songs and a version of Venom, “In League With Satan.” But it was not until 1998 that they published its first official demo entitled “Demonic Women”.

Due to formation changes, this demo was not released until spring of 99 with the following lineup: Mia (vocals and guitar), Emma (guitar), Asa (bass) and Terror (drums). It consists of three tracks ( “Demonic Women”, “In The Shadow Of The Dragon” and “Hounds Of Hell”), issued in red vinyl 7 “.

Dracena released yet another demo, “Labyrinth of Darkness” in 2001, but it was not until 2006 that they finally released an album, “Infernal Damnation”, with Mia working alone, aided by the drummer Mojjo, and self-produced as she didn’t find a a label to support it.

But Mia does not surrender, and in her Myspace site announced that she is preparing a new album.

Mia Larsson – Vocals, guitar, bass

Former members:
Emma Karlsson – Guitar
Karin – Drums
Lotta – Guitar
Åsa – Bass
Dennis Jernberg – Drums
Daniel ‘Morbid Mojjo’ Moilanen – Drums
Camilla – Bass
Niklas “Terror”Rudolfsson – Session drums in “Demonic Women”

1997, Demo ´97 (demo)
1999, Demonic Women (EP)
2001, Labyrinth Of Darkness (demo)
2004, Infernal Damnation (LP)

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  1. hola saludos desde colombia, que chimba de musica la que hacen, en verdad son severa energia.

    Estoy interesada en comprar el LP Infernal Damnation.

  2. nice review!
    thanks very much.
    it’s useful to me :)

  3. Mia’s doing all the instruments by herself? She’d better get band members.

  4. wau..! una excelente banda!!! esto es music! /,,/

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