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Origin: United States
History: 1991 – 1993
Status: Inactive
Style: Death, Doom Metal

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Mythic is probably the all-female death metal best known band. Dana Duffey joined Mary Bielich (bass) and Terri Heggen (drums) in Pittsburg with the intention of becoming Derkéta’s fourth member.

What Dana did not know was that the journey was going to be better than expected because he found Derkéta about to disappear as a band. Since then, Dana, Mary and Terri decided to stablish the groundwork for Mythic, a band whose style can be framed between doom and death metal.

Once settled in the city of Pennsylvania, the trio began writing material, Dana added his lyrics and his possessed voice possessed. In one month they had created “The Destroyer”, “Scarred For Life” and “Grind Grimoire”, recorded on tape, with just 250 copies released.

They had few material recorded but started playing in the American East Coast, whose concerts were used to release the live demo “The Immortal Realm”, which contained six items and had a certain impact.

Only a year after its formation, and because Relapse Records were located in their native Pennsylvania, Mythic signed a contract to release their EP, “Mourning In The Winter Solstice”, published in various formats.

The album received good reviews, and predicted a good career for the deathmetaler trio. However, the problems came immediately. The drummer Terri Heggen leaves the formation, and after the Milwaukee Metalfest VI Dana Duffey creates her Black Metal act “Demonich Christ,” still active nowadays.

The reasons for their split are not clear. What is clear is that it wasn’t an amicable separation, because years later, in 2004, they didn’t agree in the release of a compilation record that almost didn’s see the light, with all the parts of the conflict facing the court. It must be added the rumor about Dana Duffey’ xenophobia, fueled by her former colleagues in various interviews where they called her racist.

There’s no doubt that the origin of these allegations is the interview in which Dana replied to the question: “If there’s one thing you could change about the world, right now, what would it be and why?” with the controversial “I’d get rid of all the niggers and spics. It would have the domino effect of removing many of the world’s problems.”

Dana has also defended the artists right to freely express what they think in the interviews, even the opinions are racist or fascist.

The bassist Mary Bielich continued active in groups such as November’s Doom, Em Sinfonia and the current Penance.


Mary Bielich – Bass
Dana Duffey – Guitar, vocals
Terri Heggen – Drums


1991, “Rehearsal ’91′” (rehearsal tape)
1992, “The Immortal Realm” (live demo)
1993, “Mourning in the Winter Solstice” (EP)
2004, “Anthology” (compilation)

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