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Country: Brazil
History: 2010 – Present
Status: Active
Style: Thrash Metal, Death Metal


Sinaya was created in July of 2010, the name comes from Sinaia, a small city located in between the mountains of Romania, where is one of the most important and magnificent castles of the world. After many suggestions of names for the band, Mylena Mônaco remembered of this name which made her fall in love since the first time she heard. The “I” was replaced by the “Y” to make it more original, and from there emerged Sinaya.

After several line-up attempts, Mylena that on the same Sinaya had already gone through guitars, bass and vocals, realized that was about time to change something and look to find where was the mistakes, so, while she was looking for other girls with the same force of will and ease to go through hard times as a team, Taty Kanazawa (former Ariel N’ Caliban) offered to take over the vocals and invited Isabela Moraes (former Lethal Storm) who was already looking for a new band for a while, to the drums. In a few days after that, Tamy Leopoldo (former Sethy) who dreamed about playing in a Girls metal band, also joined the band.

Together, they decided to change the style of the band´s music, before what was the Bay Area style Thrash Metal, turned into the Thrash/Death metal style, with very dark riffs, short and chilling solos, blast beats and double bass pedals on drums, strong guttural and a united team, which go through hard times with the head up for the fact that each member live in a different city, and not seeing this as a problem, but as a big challenge.

Sinaya resurfaces in 2012 with a new lineup, with more intense and more brutal vocals. Mylena Monaco is the only original member since the band’s inception.


Taty Kanazawa – Vocals
Mylena Monaco – Guitars and Backing vocals
Tamyris Leopoldo – Bass
Isabela Moraes – Drums


2013, “Obscure Raids” (2013)

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