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The Undertakers

The Undertakers

undertakers logo The Undertakers


Country: Mexico
History: 2004 – Currently
Status: Indefinite hiatus
Style: Death Metal

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The Undertakers were formed around September 2004, as a band that mixed horror punk and hardcore with small metal doses.

They started as a trio, but soon would come up changes. Switching drummers, from Lulu Arellano to Ana López Arellano, gave a new dimension to the music of The Undertakers, gaining skills and acquiring the desired sound by both the vocalist “Raven” and the bassist Lidia Serrano.

This sound is which we still listen nowadays, death metal which knows how to combine with aggression with emotion, with vocals ranging from death to black through melodic choruses.

The formation has acted in many performances, both as a duo and trio, sharing the stage in Texas and Mexico with bands like Misfits, Second Chance or Pirexia.

Some proposals for acting as openers of Scars of Tomorrow, Subzero, D.R.I,. In This Moment or Jacknife were rejected due to the refusal of the first band drummer.

Lidia Serrano left The Undertakers to focus on their studies, with The Undertakers remaining as a duo who are in an “indefinite hiatus”, since Priscilla left for Germany and is currently singing in the Berlin’s death metal band Sinners Bleed.

The drummer Ana remains in Mexico, as the band has entered inevitably the inactivity .


Priscila Serrano “Raven” – Vocals, guitar
Ana López – Drums

Former members

Lidia Serrano – Bass
Lulú Arellano – Drums

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  1. deathmetalheaded (on youtube)

    Priscilla’s new band, The End of Faith:

    Just thought I’d plug it. It’s awesome!

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