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Country: Brazil
History: 1989 – Currently
Status: Active
Style: Death Metal

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Valhalla (formerly Necrophia and Phobia) began their career in 1989, and today remain active and with 2 LPs under they belt. The first was titled “… In The darknes Of Limb” which opened the gates to perform several concerts throughout Brazil.

As major influences of their sound are cited Deicide, Unleashed, In Flames, Massacre, At the Gates, Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquility, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Bolt Thrower, Behemoth and mainly Death.

For various reasons they split for 5 years after which Valhalla returned with a renewed lineup, including new components Michelle, Carol and Marcelo, who joined the sisters Alessandra and Adriana.

This would be the formation that would record the 2001 CD single “For Might Of Chaos … For The Force Inside” and in 2002 the LP “Petra Self”, under the label Hellion Records. The CD was produced by Alessandra, Adriana and Michelle, after initial problems with the producer agenda.

Upon publication, Valhalla shared the stage with Dark Funeral, Krisiun and Vader, being now an entirely all-female band after Ariadne joined on drums and Amanda on bass.

Currently they are performing gigs in Brazil.


Ariadne Souza – Vocals, drums
Adriana Tavares – Guitar
Alessandra Tavares – Bass

Former members

Kayo John – Drums
Marcelo – Drums
Lena – Bass
Andrea – Vocals
Rodrigo – Drums
Caroline – Vocals
Amanda – Bass
Michelle – Vocals


1990, “Demo” (demo)
1995, “…In The Darkness of Limb” (LP)
2001, “For the Might of Chaos…For the Force Inside” (EP)
2002, “Petrean Self” (LP)




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  1. OMG!! you freakin rock!! love it!!

  2. Metal head myself and drummer and love the drums on this shit! I just wanted to say this is some killer metal and best to you ladies and hope to hear more from you!

  3. Hi! Valhalla now has a new lineup:
    Ariadne Souza: vocal/drums;
    Adriana Tavares: Guitar;
    Alessandra Tavares: bass.

  4. Obrigado Ariadne!

    The lineup has been updated.

  5. Killer! You girls ROCK!

  6. Does any have any ideas where to find Valhalla’s cds? I have looked but not found any.


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