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Slaywhore is an american Slayer tribute band. As a big difference comparing the originals, they are a quintet and include a keyboardist in their lineup

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Black/Pagan metal act from Turkey, following the path of Ebonsight, founded by Wesretkau (earlier called Thuringwethil) the summer of 2005 in the city of Izmir. Shortly after the band was formed the rehearsals started but there were some difficulties due to the change of band members. This caused the works to slow down.

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From Peru let's welcome these young Death Metal ladies, although beginning their journey in 2004 guiding their steps toward the Nu-Metal. "Do not tell me" was the most prominent theme of this stage, that has nothing to do with what today Sigmen offers.

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ShEver began their work in 2004, when they released the demo "The Mirror", which contained just 3 tracks. The original lineup consisted of Melanie (drums), Alexandra (vocals), Jessica (guitar, vocals) and Nadine (bass, violin, vocals).

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Severed Heaven


Severed Heaven is a british band that combines effectively black, death and doom metal, really worthy of being heard.

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Scatha was born in 2004 when Julia Pombo on guitar and Cíntia Ventania on the bass decided to start their metal adventure. It was not until mid 2005 that the band was completed by Cynthia Tsai Yuen on drums, Paula Leão on guitar and the Rebecca Schwab at the microphone.

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Sarkastica emerged in Buenos Aires in 1993. Originally had a male vocalist, Marcelo Martinez, but in 1994 Elsa Gonzales and his thrasher voice took the place behind the microphone.

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Sacralis is one of the many female metal bands that were born in 1993. Although not all did so with the quality of these teutonic, founded by Marita Kircher (vocals, guitar) and Miriam Storz (drums). Unfortunately their story is also an oft-repeated in these era bands. Years of hard work demo after demo, first album release and immediate separation.

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Queen Diamond


Queen Diamond is the World's only (mostly) female tribute to King Diamond (and of course Mercyful Fate too)! With a slightly different line-up they are also Mistallica, an all-girl tribute to Metallica.

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Putrefied Beauty


This brutal death female band from Rome born from the minds of Eleonora (drums) and Nadia (guitar). In late 2007, Beatrice "Bitygore" joined the formation to record their first Promo in 2008, containing the song "Hot For Blood".

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