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Ice Age

One of the most succesful all-female thrash bands, interestingly, without having released any album. Formed on January 14th 1985 by Sabrina Kihlstrand and Pia Nyström, who met through an ad in a music store, Ice Age was completed with Sabrina's sister, Helena, and Tina Strömberg behind the drums.

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Hari Kari


Charisse and Laura met up in August 1986 to form the core of Hari Kari. Charisse was a singer of some renown bands such as Femme Fatale, Slave, She or Lushus, and temporary bassist in Meanstreak. Laura by his side had given her voice to local acts such as Excalibur and Acid Reign.<

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Grond Spanation

Grond Spanation arise from the coastal town of Macerata, in the east of the Italian peninsula. Their music is grindcore-based, influenced by bands like Carcass, Brutal Truth or Dying Fetus.

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Grey was born from the ashes of the doom band from the 90s called Baba Yaga 90. Two of their components, Suzanne "GypsyWitch" and AJ "LunaLoca" met after the band disbanded, and continued walking along the Doom paths with Grey.

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Grabesmond fue una banda austriaca, y es curiosa la manera como ha llegado a este artículo. Nació en 1995 como un dúo masculino, formado por Richard Lederer "Protector" y Peter Kubic.

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Galmet (escrito con la A invertida), es otro emergente grupo de death japonés. A la espera de conseguir más información, únicamente disponemos de sus vídeos de youtube.

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Gallhammer was born in 2002 in the Vivian Slaughter's mind, who wanted to form a band based in the atmosphere and darknes of Hellhammer.

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Born in 1994 in Mexico D.F., they played death metal influenced by doom and classic metal. Initially called Ashes On Your Grave, they release one demo in 1995 via Vision Records, after which they started touring their country.

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Fleuretty started their musical trip in Bogotá in 2007 to offer their particular combination of Black metal and symphony. Initially called Istar, this young Colombian act is beginning to take its first steps in the dark designs of black metal.

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