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(English) Excruciation born in 1994 as a very young quintet grind/death with a very diverse musical tastes but with a common link, the metal from bands such as Napalm Death, Slayer, Kreator, Megadeth and Metallica, not to mention Sepultura and Sarcofago coming from their homeland

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(English) First turkish black metal band exclusively formed by women. Initially started as a duo in 1991, and after going through the usual lineup changes, they released their first demo in 1994, "Ocean Ebon", with 700 distributed copies.

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(English) Drakma fue uno de los primeros (y por entonces únicos) grupos de metal íntegramente femeninos de México. Muy activas y conocidas a principios de los 90, no llegaron nunca a publicar una demo oficial.

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(English) Dracena, or basically the group of swedish Mia Larsson and her companions in turn, started in 1994. In fact today, almost fifteen years later, she keeps the name of Dracena herself.

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(English) 1991, Miami. It borns Demonomacy, the female quartet formed by Dana Cosley (rhythm guitar and vocals), Jamie Avery (guitar solo), Lisa Antoniotti (drums) and Robin Mazen (bass and vocals).

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Cyber Angel


(English) Cyber Angel was a Japanese band that lasted a short time, made by Yoshie and Takako. Yoshie decided to form a band when she was only 17 years, after listening to Megadeth.

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Buzz Cult


(English) Buzz Cult is a band whose sound is ranged between death and thrash, coming from the country of the rising sun.

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Belle Gunness


(English) Belle Gunness was a mid-tempo thrash act born in the Netherlands in 2004. Their band name coincides with that of a serial killer from Norway, who after seducing men they were killed and feed the pigs

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(English) The most famous and prolific of the female extreme metal bands, Astarte, started off as a trio called Lloth. It was born in September 1995 and initially formed by Tristessa, who will be the core and Astarte's only permanent member since then, Nemesis on guitar, Kinthia and Psychoslaughter as a session drummer (as in many "all-female" bands)

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