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portada3 (1)

HellArise is a Brazilian all female band that play 100% pure Heavy Metal. Trying to add to their songs a little bit of the members' influences (especially Heavy, Thrash and Death Metal), the band comes up with an aggressive way of playing and composing.

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We are of atoms and milky way, moved by the violence and the intensity of the Universe. The dark matter holding our defragmented humanity together. We are the crude mirror showing the failure of our existence. We come to avenge our infinite potential and from it's exposed guts, we will filth the guilty face of mankind. We are Vehemal.

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Harlequin is a band from Los Angeles, California that consists of musicians with tastes that differ greatly in the spectrum of metal/rock music. Their union is an exploration of collaboration between these musical styles, created for the love and sake of true music.

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The Amorettes


The Amorettes are an all female trio of the classic rock and roll persuasion. Gill and Hannah met at music college bonding over a love of old school rock n roll, after a few line up changes Heather, Hannah' s sister, was brought in on bass to complete the band.

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Jaded formed in the winter of 2004, when Hillary Blaze and Britt Lightning got together to start an all-female metal band with the emphasis on talent and the live show. Britt and Hillary met several months earlier, when their respective former bands played an all day rock show together.

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gris1 (2)

Hovario is an all girl band formed in 2003, influenced by bands such as Kittie, Korn, Mudvayne, Pantera, Otep, Fear Factory, Slipknot, Metallica and others. The current lineup features the following members: LuH, Gra and Dan

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Virgin Killer


Virgin Killer is an all-female Heavy Metal band from Cali, Colombia (Southamerica). This musical project came from several years ago by lead guitarists Angela Garcia and Shirley Lopez.

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Thunderbox is a New York all-metal tribute band, blasting out the hardest hits from the best of classic metal.

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Vision is Hard Rock with strong melodies, heavy riffs and great choruses and is fronted by the enigmatic Queen B that lays on the foundation of the heavy crunch of Marys guitar backed by Monas leads and the thunderous beats of Emlee and Jennie.

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gris3 (1)

Imber is a young band heading from Sweden, featuring an original sound and way of understanding music. Their promising trip started in 2009, but due to some member changes the first solid lineup shall be dated in February 2010.

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