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Diamond Beast


Diamond Beast represent the first "all female" European tribute to the most famous heavy metal band: Iron Maiden

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Dormitory Effect


Susan Wendelken and Urith Myre had already met at late nineties in a New York-based band called One Step Beyond. After parting ways they decided to contact the guitarist from Perseverance, Meredith Hermann, and Neutron Cafe's drummer, "Gee" (Gina Ilasi) and Dormitory Effect was born.

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Atomic Blonde

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Originally called Glass Lily, this Nashville quartet practices a commercial hard rock with quality. Their instrumental power, with some flash of sweetened garage/punk, is counterbalanced by the melodic and sometimes sensual voice of Dacia.

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Judas Priestess


Judas Priestess is an all girl Judas Priest tribute band from New York, formed in July 2009. Their particular Halford is MilitiA, who has performed as a lead singer with Dee Snider's heavy metal orchestra Van Helsing's Curse, and in other musicals as Sins of a Scarecrow or Jesus Christ Superstar.

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Although Aphasia was formed in the mid-nineties, they represent those bands from the eighties who succeed mixing hard rock and heavy metal, such as Def Leppard, Dokken or Mr. Big.

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Drain STH


This band could have been born both in Stockholm or Seattle. Geographically they did in the Swedish capital, but musically they were inspired by the grunge world capital.

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Súkuba is a nu-metal band from the Quinta Región in Chile. Born quite recently, these four metal girls started they activity back in March 2007.

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gris8 (1)

Fatima Tajic's solo project, who after playing in several bands decided to unleash her creativity without restraints and impositions. A guitar student since she was very young, she didn't decide to exploit their skills until the age of 15, after discovering the great "Disintegration" album by The Cure.

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They were friends from their school days in Newcastle, Australia. Peta and Renee contacted the drummer Regina, who not only brought her friend Kristy to be in charge of the vocal duties but suggested the name which brings together the same line-up since then, Amathyst.

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Ilkim Oulanem

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Ilkim Oulanem is a one-person female black metal project in Turkey. In 2005, Oulanem formed a pure black metal band called Messershmit in Ankara. After performing as a bass-vocal in the band for a while, in 2008 she released a personal 2-track demo.

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