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Entrevista a Vixen


Entrevistamos a Roxy Petrucci minutos antes de su concierto en Barcelona, el 27 de Septiembre de 2014. Hablamos sobre el pasado, el presente y el futuro de Vixen, que han vuelto para quedarse y honrar la memoria de Jan kuehnemund

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Entrevista a Mystica Girls


(English) Interview with Cynthia Blackcat, Mystica Girls guitarist, to discover more from their new LP "Gates Of Hell", the past, present and future of a band starting to get international recognition

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Entrevista a Back:N:Black


(English) Starting as one of the best of the best of the AC/DC tribute bands in Europe, BACK:N:BLACK is known for its explosive stage shows, drop dead good looks and unparalleled musicianship. We talked with BB, the rhythm guitarist and manager for a band unafraid to tackle any era of AC/DC

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Entrevista a Nervosa


(English) Interview with Fernanda Lira, vocalist and bassist of one of the most promising thrash metal band nowadays. From Sao Paulo, Brazil, let's know a bit more about the female thrash trio Nervosa.

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Entrevista a Kirmizi


(English) Blood, fire, love, lust, anger, excitement, strength, courage and danger … They all have the same color, Kirmizi (red)… The band describes their character as Kirmizi and reflect their hard and brave stance to their music. Metaladies.com interviewed the band to know more about their musical riot.

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Entrevista a Hysterica


(English) Metal, metal, metal. This word is constantly repeated in Hysterica's universe and is seared in their music. Defined as "girls made of heavy metal" it's clear that they are regulated by the purest genre rules. Titles like the one from their first album, "Metalwar", mixed by the master Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy / Pain), or the improved successor "The Art Of Metal" speak by themselves. We contacted their drummer, Hell'n, to know more from this great metal band

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