Friday , 23 April 2021


Anashi interview

We’ ve interviewed Betina Mathiesen, Anashi’s founder guitarist, the swedish band that succeeded in their homeland at the end of the nineties and went to America under the name of The King’s Queen. Almost 20 years later, she talks about the band’s history, why they called it a day and how it went in L.A. Listen to Anashi as you …

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Astarte inteview

We talked to Tristessa, Astarte's leader and the only member from the original lineup. She speaks about the past, present and future of the mythic helenic band. She reveals interesting aspects of her relationship with the former Astarte components, Astarte's musical concept and why being an all-female band, among other important facts from their history

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Demonomacy interview

Interview with Robin Mazen, Demonomacy bassist, an american all-female death metal cuartet from the early nineties. So let' s make a trip to the past and walk through Demonomacy history.

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