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Amy Flame


London (UK)


Favourite song


Your favorite Metal Style
I love southern rock the best but I wouldn’t say I have just one favourite genre.

Your Bands TOP 5
1 – Tool, 2 – The Bronx, 3 – Clutch, 4 – Anthrax, 5 – Destrage

Male Musician most appreciated
Maynard James Keenan of Tool

Female Musician most appreciated
Tori Amos

Song always playing in your headphones
Parabola by Tool

Best concert you’ve been to
Recently Behemoth at The Forum

Favourite Food

Favourite Drink

The person or thing that you couldn’t live without
My awesome cat Bumface

Your life goals
To always be passionate about whatever I’m doing and not compromise

I like running, reading and sleeping!

Write a message to the readers
I spend my life immersed in the metal world, at my day job at Terrorizer and when I’m fire breathing with my performance group Nympherno (check us out Nympherno at Facebookon Facebook!) so it’s rad to be on this website with loads of other kickass ladies! Horns up fuckers!.


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