Sunday , 29 March 2015
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Blackera Vakker

Blackera Vakker


Your favorite Metal Style
Black metal

Your Bands TOP 5
Watain, Carpathian Forest, Urgerhal, Darkthrone, Vlad Tepes, Tyr, Nile, Satyricon, Enthroned, Mayhem

Male Musician most appreciated
Fenriz, Peter steel

Female Musician most appreciated
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Song always playing in your headphones
Summoning “A distant flame before the sun”

Best concert you’ve been to
Gorgoroth, Behemoth

Favourite Food

Favourite Drink

The person or thing that you couldn’t live without
My boyfriend

Your life goals
Travel Europe

Drawing and listen to music

Write a message to the readers
I am a sociable person who likes dedicating my time to travel and taking pictures

Favourite bands

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Art I like

art Blackera Vakker


books Blackera Vakker


movies Blackera Vakker


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  1. que bonitas fotos :333, ademas de tener gustos hermoso como los libros de lovercraft, las pelicula hellraise hermoso, ella es la mejor :D!

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