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Christie Kane

Christie Kane


Your favorite Metal Style
I love Heavy Metal, Id say my favorite is Hard Rock and Thrash metal

Your Bands TOP 5
My top five would have to be 5) Kiss 4) Motorhead 3) Megadeth 2) Slayer 1) Judas Priest

Male Musician most appreciated
To me my favorite singer would have to be Rob Halford. I love all Singers with a high voice range ( Geoff Tate…Bruce Dickinson..etc)

Female Musician most appreciated
I draw alot of inspiration from females in the metal world. Lita Ford..Doro Pesch..Joan Jett. Love them all

Song always playing in your headphones
Thats a hard one lol, I have all Judas Priest stored in my favorites via IPod. Best albums to me are Rocka Rolla, bluesy hard but mellow riffs. Also British Steel and Painkiller

Best concert you’ve been to
Can ya guess? lol Judas Priest, in the last 10 years Ive been to every show in NY NJ area and will be at every future one.

Favourite Food
Italian, Japanese and my own cooking. Yes I can cook lol

Favourite Drink
Vodka and Orange juice/cranberry

The person or thing that you couldn’t live without
My cell phone lol yes shallow

Your life goals
My goal is to succeed as a actress/model

Write a message to the readers
I want to thank you all so much for the love and support through out the years. I have the best fans \m/ Love ya


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