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Name: Jet
Location: New England (USA)
Jet @ Facebook
Metal Messiah radio

Your favourite Metal Style
Death Metal
Your Bands TOP 5
1)Behemoth 2)Iron Maiden 3)Testament 4)Noctem 5)Machine Head (This does change on almost a daily basis)
Male Musician most apreciated
Gene Hoglan
Female Musician most apreciated
Amy Lee
Song always playing in your headphones
Alas The Lord Is Upon Me
Best concert you’ve been to
New England Metal and Hardcore Festival 2010
Favourite Food
Home made Ice Cream
Favourite Drink
Jagermeister and Cream soda
Your hobbies
Photography, Metal music history, cooking, writing, metal DJ
Write a message to our readers
I am a DJ on Metal Messiah radio as well as the station’s publicist! In addition I am also a writer, interviewer, promoter for Metal Messiah Radio, college graduate,and designer. I have been in the music business for many years as a writer, promoter and radio Dj. I am an interviewer for audio, video, and written media and much of my work is published.

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  1. Doro’s daughter? =)

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