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Julia Phoenix

perfil 260x300 Julia Phoenix

Name: Julia Phoenix
Location: Cádiz (Spain)


Your favourite Metal Style
Death, symphonic, progressive…
Your Bands TOP 5
Adagio, THE AGONIST, Arch Enemy, Annihilator, MERCENARY
Male Musician most apreciated
Stephan Forte
Female Musician most apreciated
Floor Jansen
Song always playing in your headphones
Violent Revolution (Kreator), Fear Circus (Adagio), Thank you pain (The agonist)…
Best concert you’ve been to
Annihilator in the Metalway festival (2006) and Adagio with Kamelot in (a venue called) Heineken (2010)
Favourite Food
Japanese and moroccan food
Favourite Drink
Watermelon juice
Your hobbies
Photo Modelling, Lyrical singing, doing collaborations of any kind within the metal scope, XVIII and XIX century literature, writing poetry, learning languages…
Write a message to the readers
I think this great sentence is the most interesting one I could say… “Know yourself” icon smile Julia Phoenix

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