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Liv Kalske

Liv Kalske

Name: Liv Kalske
Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Liv Kalske @ Facebook

Your favourite Metal Style
Black metal, gothic metal, progressive
Your Bands TOP 5
Ajattara (Finland), Stream Of Passion (Netherlands/Mexico), Equilibrium (Germany), Kivimetsan Druidi (Finland), Tantal(Russian)
Male Musician most apreciated
Jyrki Linnankivi (The 69 Eyes)
Female Musician most apreciated
Tarja Turunen
Song always playing in your headphones
Beauty in Black – Therion
Best concert you’ve been to
Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
Your hobbies
Write (prose, novele, short story)
Write a message to our readers
My world is the infidels’ hell… My blood the immortals’ pleasure…

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  1. HI, anoche estuve en un concierto de Epica y…live?.

  2. Forever the best 😉

  3. You have style missy:)

  4. food for my eyes…when i see there’s a hundreds of metal ladies in this world…

  5. Hi, are you still around?.

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