Friday , 29 August 2014
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Loreley von Rhein

Your favourite Metal Style
Black, Viking (old scool), Symphonic gothic
Your Bands TOP 5
Sariola, Vintersorg, Windir, Arcturus, Einherjer, Thyrfing
Male Musician most apreciated
Vintersorg, Hellhammer, Morten Veland
Female Musician most apreciated
Anna Netrebko (opera diva)
Song always playing in your headphones
Windir- Martyrium, Tristania- My lost Lenore (actually all Windir songs)
Best concert you’ve been to
Borknagar in Oberhausen, 2009
Favourite Food
Russian kitchen
Favourite Drink
Cola zero, from alcohol: everything that burn, hehehe
Your hobbies
Music making, music listening, singing, foreign languages, philosophy
Write a message to the readers
Heilz Folk, here I am, the crazyest girl Loreley von Rhein, singing in a great Black metal band Sariola.
So, book me as model and book Sariola for concerts and festivals in your city!

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  1. Awonderful model and girl ;) M

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