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Luluzinha Headbanger


Name: Luluzinha Headbanger
Location: Brazil

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Your favourite Metal Style
Death Metal/Heavy Metal
Your Bands TOP 5
1st Venom, 2nd Iron Maiden, 3rd Sepultura, 4th Krisiun, 5th Death
Male Musician most apreciated
Jeff Becerra (“Possessed”)
Female Musician most apreciated
Betsy Weiss (from “Bitch”)
Song always playing in your headphones
“Heavy Metal Breakdown” (Grave Digger)
Best concert you’ve been to
Morbid Angel
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
Your hobbies
Read, play guitar, study, call my friends to come home to listen music…
Write a message to the readers
Keeping Metal until death!!!

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  1. esta bien rompe madres el chaleco, y los vinilos de venom ni que se diga!.

    Saludos desde Merida, Yucatàn, Mexico!.

  2. Awww shucks a headbanger girl from south America. So cool.
    Usted me gusta!
    I have been a headbanger since 1983 when I stuck a Quiet Riot tape
    into my new ( 8th birthday present ) Magnavox and heard the opening riff of
    “Metal Health”
    Much love from California!


  4. keep the faith metal we stand girls of our wisdom plea…

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