Friday , 22 March 2019
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Localition:New Mexico (USA)

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Your favourite Metal Style
Black Metal
Your Bands TOP 5
1349, Gravespawn, Satan’s Host, Perverted Virtue, Dark Funeral
Male Musician most appreciated
David Miller
Female Musician most appreciated
Angela Gossow
Song always playing in your headphones
Hellfire, Dead Venus Blue, Moonshield
Best concert you’ve been to
Too many to name, but the 3 day Gathering of the Sick in New Mexico is definitely way up there
Favourite Food
Salads, Mexican Food
Favourite Drink
Water, coffee, Bacardi Superior w/Diet Cherry Pepsi
Your hobbies
Henna application, listen to music, going to the mountains
Write a message to the readers
These…our possessions for a moment in time, never rely on these for happiness or base your happiness on others. Honor yourself and stand for what you represent

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  1. oh jita face look at you! you deserve this! you are the most metal chick i know!
    i heart yo face!
    p.s. love the red lipstick!


  3. nice u look all bad ass and your the most metal chick i know

  4. aii mijita badasssssss page ayy.. miss you hope too see you soon oh wait ill see you friday 😀 😀 😀 im gonna be wearing my sexy kat costume hehehehehhe XoXo

  5. hey right on the pics are awesome. and best wishes from the guys in Kreios. keep it hard core!!!!

  6. Way to go MetalHead

  7. Right on! Congrats!

  8. Hell Yah! I thought I was a metal head…until talking with you about different metal bands….that I’ve never heard of…keep on rocking.

  9. Cool, my wife is a metal godess. She’s a chicana death metal Bettie Page She’s also taken guys so quit looking at her.

  10. So gorgeous! you and I go way back, metal music is one of the reasons we became such good friends back in the day. We both have always had metal running through our veins, for us it’s more than a passion. We were in so many mosh pits together and partied so hard, it was so cool to hang out with a fellow hard core metal chick! But you’re also a sweetie. Your’re just an all around awesome person! Stay true and thrash hard! Love ya!

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