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Name: Xaeon
Location: Florida, CA (USA)

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Your favourite Metal Style
80’s metal, and “extreme” metal …I like the blend of both black and death metal in bands.
Your Bands TOP 5
Secrets She Kept, Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Rammstein (I dont care what you think, I love them), Iron Maiden
Male Musician most apreciated
Bruce Dickinson.. like.. wow. he’s still super entertaining. .. and SUPER energetic live. that shit is hard to keep up for that many years, and for that long of a set. he blows my mind haha.
Female Musician most apreciated
well, i dont really have one. im not a big fan of girls in metal bands (sorry)… If i MUST pick one though, i guess Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Because she keeps her feminine side, and isn’t trying to be like a man.
Song always playing in your headphones
well, at the moment it’s a tie between Iron maiden’s “Wasted Years” and “Dream of Mirrors”
Best concert you’ve been to
Iron maiden. HANDS DOWN. Like i said… BLEW MY MIND! Before that it was Behemoth.
Favourite Food
Anything Italian
Favourite Drink
fruit drinks/smoothies of all sorts, assorted teas, milk, and Vanilla Chai Tea (freeze from Crispers)
Your hobbies
How much time do you have? lol.
Used to play guitar, i write, draw, oil paint, sculpt, do still and live photography, band promotion, build stage props, hand make outfits, book shows, band assistant manager, web design, digital art, reading, and studying biology/microbiology, anatomy, pathology, astronomy, etc, do tarot, roller blade,go to the beach… basically anything i can get my hands on becomes my hobby. haha.
Write a message to the readers
Umm… never let anybody stray you from your dreams and aspirations. No matter how crazy they may sound, or how many there are :-D.. oh, and “fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe.”

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  1. Hello!
    Was this your account on YouTube?

    Cyber / Industrial Metal Compilation | PART 3 | Xaeon

    This account has been deleted. 🙁
    Where else can listen to this compilation? Please.

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