Sunday , 24 July 2016
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Name: Grace Vela (XxDeMonIcAxX)
Location: Los Angeles, CA (USA)



Your favourite Metal Style
Death Metal!!!
Your Bands TOP 5
Slayer, Cannibal corpse, Belphegor, krisiun, Behemoth.
Male Musician most apreciated
DIMEBAG DARRELL!!! He’s my Guitar God!! R.I.P
Female Musician most apreciated
Angela Gossow
Song always playing in your headphones
Symbolic by DEATH
Best concert you’ve been to
Cannibal Corpse!!!! When they played at the house of Blues a while back.
Favourite Food
I like everything lol
Favourite Drink
Don’t have one
Your hobbies
Play Bass/Guitar, Draw, Paint, Photography
Write a message to the readers
Check out my band LET THEM BURN! & Keep it Fucking Brutal!

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