Friday , 23 April 2021

Rock Goddess reunion

The original Rock Goddess line up, consisting of Jody and Julie Turner and bassist Tracey Lamb has reformed. The female metal band framed within the NWOBHM, who gained cult status in the early eighties in their native Britain, is rehearsing in the UK to record a new album with the provisional title ‘Unfinished Business’.

Tracey Lamb states the new material “is sounding Mega and Awesome” while playing the vintage songs it’s “weird but wonderful”. At the moment there’s no teasers of the recordings, but the band have posted the first picture of the original line up since 31 years ago (above this page).

We’ll keep you informed of everything concerning this awaited reunion.

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  1. Now this is cool:)

  2. Great to see the girls back, its been so long. I am excited about the new album i’m sure its gonna blow us all away, they should have been huge but sometimes the industry is cruel. Would pay top dollar to see them live again. God bless you Rock Goddess!

  3. Great news.Loved these girls since back in the day!

  4. OMG Ive been waiting for so long for this. I hope they release it on vinyl to go with the rest of my collection of theres. I love them. I used to listen to them on my Walkman in school 1980s I loved there raw power. And I would also pay good money to see them live. Brill brill

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