Friday , 23 April 2021

Scatha lineup renewed

Scatha has renewed their lineup for several reasons. Guitarist Renata Decnop is leaving the thrash band for professional reasons, and in a relay 5 to 5 (strings), Fernanda Peres takes the place of Cintia Ventania, which did not leave the band, but as she can’t be physically present to make shows, the bass will be the responsibility of their ‘Gaucha’.

And finally the band is their new vocalist Marina Melo, as presented by the band, she’s “one more “Gaúcha” who came to complete our attack with a lot of versatility and power!”

So this is the new lineup:
Marina Melo: Vocals
Fernanda Peres: Bass
Cynthia Tsai Yuen: Drums
Julia Pombo: Guitars

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