Sunday , 20 April 2014
  • Lisa Jablonski

    Lisa Jablonski

    Chicago, IL (United States) Melodic Death Metal and Folk Metal ...

  • Mystica Girls interview

    Mystica Girls interview

    Interview with Cynthia Blackcat, Mystica Girls guitarist, to discover more from their new LP "Gates ...

  • Maidens Of Metal III

    Maidens Of Metal III is proudly sponsoring Maidens of Metal, the festival celebrating and encouraging fema...

  • Junkyard Lipstick interview

    Junkyard Lipstick interview

    Interview to Louise "Gore" Gorman, Tazz-O and Lucinda Villain from Junkyard Lipstick, the all-female...

  • Melissa Manson

    Melissa Manson

    Canada Industrial, heavy, death and classical metal ...

  • X-it – Malherida
  • Panndora – Partners in Crime
  • Mortarium – My Distress