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Ilkim Oulanem


(English) Ilkim Oulanem is a one-person female black metal project in Turkey. In 2005, Oulanem formed a pure black metal band called Messershmit in Ankara. After performing as a bass-vocal in the band for a while, in 2008 she released a personal 2-track demo.

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(English) DödsÄngel is the Swedish word to refer to the "Angel of Death", and is also the name of the solo project of the prolific Canadian-Norwegian Trish, playing the drums in bands such as Hinsides (black metal, Sweden), Gate To Khaos (black/thrash metal, Norway), KäftSmäll (d-beat punk, Sweden) and Warsystem (dis-core, Canada).

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(English) Coldnight started its story in summer 2008, but his music fits better in the cold winter nights. The creator of this solo project is Hypotermia, who describes her music as depressive suicidal metal.

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(English) This is a one woman project, Megan Branigan. It started up in 2003 as Origin Of Silence, under which name she released her first LP "Mirage World Revival" in 2005.

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Blair Witch


(English) Taiwanese band formed by four young black and death metal fans. A entirely female act since its inception, switched drummers when when Mibo decided to call it a day and left the band, replaced by Po.

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Nornir’s Wisdom


(English) Nornir's Wisdom is the project of Xenia, a young multiintrumentist that produces a disturbing black metal with pagan folk touches. With only one year of activity, she has already produced a self-titled demo recorded in summer 2007.

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Black Widows


(English) Black Widows has been over ten years fighting to gain a spot in the scene. With a style marked by the combination of gothic and black metal, it has been the victim of many lineup changes. In fact they are looking for a drummer to fill the vacant left by Ana Costa.

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Throne Of Naya


(English) Throne Of Naya is the name of the musical realm devised by Elvira Naya. She is the only permanent inhabitant of this dark place, and from her throne she is organizing the instrumentalization of some of her music.

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Terra Teratos


(English) This is a one woman project, Katerina Horoshiltseva, best known as Terra Teratos. Rather it is the unification in 2006 of multiple individual projects as far:

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The Ancient Queen


The Ancient Queen es el nombre del proyecto paralelo de Rachel “Lady Death” Centeno, cantante y bajista de los grupos thrash/death Dark Prophecy y Satriarch. Origen: Estados Unidos Historia: 2005 – Actualidad Estado: Activo Estilo: Black Metal Biografía: The Ancient Queen es el nombre del proyecto paralelo de Rachel “Lady Death” Centeno, cantante y bajista de los grupos thrash/death Dark ...

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