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Kittie band

Kittie, the all-female Canadian heavy metal band formed in London Ontario in 1996, biography, discography, picture gallery, videos and sounds.

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Hovario is an all girl band formed in 2003, influenced by bands such as Kittie, Korn, Mudvayne, Pantera, Otep, Fear Factory, Slipknot, Metallica and others. The current lineup features the following members: LuH, Gra and Dan

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Súkuba is a nu-metal band from the Quinta Región in Chile. Born quite recently, these four metal girls started they activity back in March 2007.

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Area 7

Area 7 was born in 1999 when the Foronda sisters created a band that pays tribute to acts like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Nirvana. After the typical initial hesitation, finally they consolidated as a solid quartet led by Diana and Fátima Foronda, supplemented by the drummer Josie Romani who suggested Karol Uriol's entry, who switched from guitar to bass.

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