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(English) Recon By Fire

Recon by fire

(English) Recon By Fire is an all-female metal band from Warsaw, Poland, formed in May 2014 by Mila Sobol (vocals), Alexandra Musielewicz (lead guitar), Anna Lewandowska (bass guitar) and Lena Dubravska (drums). Magda Piedzia (rhythm guitar) joined Recon By Fire in February 2015. The band recorded their first 2-track demo "Into the Fire" in June 2015.

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(English) Beltane


(English) Beltane started its musical path in 1994 in Rotterdam. By then they were nominated as one of the five most promising band in the province of Zuid-Hollanse. Drummer Bonnie knew the Blockland sisters (Annemarie and Fleur, bass and guitar respectively), who were listening to acts such as Slayer and Sepultura.

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(English) Sinaya is an independent band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in July 2010 with strong influences from Thrash/Death Metal

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Furia, comienza con el nombre. Vocífera viene de vociferar - gritar, exclamar. Y toda esta rabia se convierte en un sonido pesado y agresivo que da origen a esta banda de metal

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Junkyard Lipstick


Junkyard Lipstick llena el gran vacío que existe en la escena alternativa Sudafricana, un divertido grupo femenino al que le importa un bledo lo que opine la gente de su actitud "en-tu-cara".

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Misstallica es el único tributo femenino a Metallica a nivel mundial. Tal y como ellas dicen, “Mistallica ofrece la experiencia de Metallica pero con tetas!!!” País: Estados Unidos Historia: 2008 – Actualidad Estado: Activo Estilo: Tributo a Metallica Biografía: Misstallica es el único tributo femenino a Metallica a nivel mundial. Formadas en 2008, son el proyecto paralelo de las chicas ...

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Infernal Pussy


(English) Infernal Pussy born in Cali, Colombia, in mid October 2010 with Viking on drums and Ms. Thrashera playing the guitar. Two months later Acid joined the formation to complete it with her bass.

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HellArise es un grupo femenino brasileño de que interpretan un heavy metal puro 100%. Intentado añadir a sus canciones un poco de cada una de las influencias de sus componentes (especialmente Heavy, Thrash y Death Metal), el grupo surge con una manera agresiva de tocar y componer.

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(English) Harlequin is a band from Los Angeles, California that consists of musicians with tastes that differ greatly in the spectrum of metal/rock music. Their union is an exploration of collaboration between these musical styles, created for the love and sake of true music.

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