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Placenta was a thrash metal band from Belo Horizonte. This female quintet released a demo in 1987 entitled "Madness In The Bus", which contained a single song with the same title recorded during a rehearsal

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Original Sin


Original Sin (not to be confused with another all-female band with Isabella Fronzoni, ex-Ice Age) was another of the female bands of the first batch, contemporary with Ice Age. The band's history is closely linked to Virgin Steele, as one of their concerts was the place where the vocalist Danielle Draconis met Cynthia Taylor.

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November Grief


November Grief was a thrash / death metal band from Montreal, Canada. Initially called Mistrust, their creators were Annie Lecrerc on drums, and vocalist Stéphanie Masson, who took over the bass duties by failing to find anyone to fill the position.

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Mimic was a quartet from North Carolina who published two EPs, practicing a style so-called Groove Melodic Heavy Metal. Translating, heavy with a melodic touch but with a semi-thrash groove basis, the likes of Machine Head.

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Mercenary is a very young band from Mexico. Since the beginning the intention of Gabriela, Yessenia and Adriana was to compact an entirely female thrash metal band.

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Massacridia come from Philippines, a band devoted to classical songs from thrash bands like Slayer, Kreator or Testament, without having even their own compositions.

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We have very little information on this trio from the Czech Republic. They only released a complete demo in 1989, "Strašidlo z Canterville", self-produced and which featured 13 tracks.

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Killing Mary / Eviscerated


Killing Mary is a band that is still gestating. Began their journey in October 2007, and after several changes in their lineup they are currently seeking drummer.

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The Kamala trio is a group of friends who decided to start a metal band in 2005. Both Karita and Päivi had played together a few covers, but failed to find a good drummer.

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Inharmonious born in 2005, when Julia (guitar), Adriana (guitar) and Jimena (drums) got together to play versions of their most revered acts. It did not take long to compose their own material, and with their foundations created, they decided to keep the band entirely female, which was completed with the bass Donaji, Isabel's voice and with Jimena replacing Yolanda on the sticks.

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