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Flammea was one of the best female metal bands from Brazil. Born in Brasilia, they were part the Brazil female metal "golden" era, country which gained a spot in the metal world thanks to Sepultura.

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Although they only released one album, the career of this metal band from Westchester, New York, lasted nearly ten years. The guitarists Rena Sands and Marlene Apuzzo met in 1985 to form the nucleus of Meanstreak, which would be complemented by Bettina France at the micro, Lisa Diane Pace on bass and Keyser on drums, replacing a drummer that was just passing through.

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Anghell had a glamurous look, in line with the eightie's hard rock, but they played an accelerated metal, being one of the all-female bands pioneers in playing speed metal. They also trod on tiptoe the thrash path, and some of their songs, such as "Requiem", incorporated influences ranging from Metallica to the first Venom via Slayer

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