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Girlie Hell – Gunpowder

The new Girlie Hell’s music video is part of the 7” single vinyl album titled ‘Hit And Run’, named after a Girlschool’s song. This new work was again produced by Marcelo Pompeu and Heros Trench, from Mr. Som Estúdio (São Paulo, Brazil), and mastering this time by Alan Douches, from West West Side Music (NY).

Starting from the general concept of the album, overcome difficulties, break barriers and untie from the problems that try to stop us from following our way, the music video is about the power that music has to take us to another feeling level, away from conflicts, leading us through the quest of looking for and even finding ourselves.

The character in the music video, also a woman, unties herself from her personal conflicts while getting involved with the song that is playing on her turntable. At some point, she goes beyond everything she feels and is taken away by the music.

‘Gunpowder’ is the A side of the 7” single vinyl and its music video has a distressing script and great photography, directed by Mess Santos and his crew from Movie 3, the same producer of ‘Winter’, Girlie Hell’s last work.

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  1. Real cool….got here late, but hell it was worth the wait Girlies:):)!

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