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Kittie anniversary campaign ends at twice the goal

Impossible is nothing, by crowdfunding you can make your projects become a reality no matter how ambitious they are. It’s a matter of attracting people to share the passion for your goal, that’s probably the most difficult part.

But not for Kittie, as they have done the work of putting together a huge fan base during the last twenty years. The band have taken care of them, record by record, gig by gig, and now it was time to celebrate together these two decades of musical communion. So on March 28th 2014 the Canadians started a campaign to raise funds to make an anniversary documentary DVD and a book.

This campaign was a mutual thank you, from the band to the fans, as they’d give them the documentary, and from the fans to the band, as they’d help the band doing it. The prizes were a must for the band followers: pick packs, signed posters, t-shirts, book and dvd thank you, skype with the band, EPs and signed guitars among others. And it’s been a huge success: Kittie Reached their goal of $20,000 in 8 hours, and the campaign finished at the 203% of the amount.

This contribution will going towards compiling Kittie’s personal footage, concerts and events over the past 20 years, to bring the fans the be all and end all of career-spanning Kittie documentaries. They will be entrusting My Good Eye Productions, a friend and the director of their last 4 videos, with the footage, to help them edit and direct. Mark Eglinton, who has had recent success with Rex Brown of Pantera’s book, will pen the band’s biography.

We’ll keep you informed about documentary next steps, looking forward to see the final result.

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