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Cybele started in 1994 when some friends with almost no experience in music decided to start a band and name related to the Phrygian deification of Mother Earth.

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The UnioN

the union

The UnioN is a female solo project created by Azul Far, a dedicated musician that found her passion in metal and electronic music on her teenager years, when she started playing electric guitar. The project began in 2008.

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Blackthorn is an all-female symphonic metal band that was founded in 2004 by the lead vocalist Aina. The band combines gothic and mainly black metal with classical elements. The band entered the studio in 2005 to record 3 songs for their first demo, "The Prologue of Eschaton". Mixed and master by Israeli band Arafel, the demo's self-released in January 2007.

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Fatima Tajic's solo project, who after playing in several bands decided to unleash her creativity without restraints and impositions. A guitar student since she was very young, she didn't decide to exploit their skills until the age of 15, after discovering the great "Disintegration" album by The Cure.

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Black Widows

Black Widows has been over ten years fighting to gain a spot in the scene. With a style marked by the combination of gothic and black metal, it has been the victim of many lineup changes. In fact they are looking for a drummer to fill the vacant left by Ana Costa.

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