Saturday , 13 April 2024

Back:N:Black interview

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Interview with emerging colombian all-female speed metal band Sexecution


  1. These girls kick major ass and are great people too – they go out of their way to connect with the fans and become friends with them too – I have nothing but love and respect for them – Ride On BB and the rest of Back:n:Black

  2. BB was being very modest in this interview; their ability to get real AC/DC fans on their feet and rock the house the same as if they were at an AC/DC concert is phenomenal. They elicit that crowd response because they are professional musicians and entertainers. Yes, they are having fun out there but they grind out Rock music the way it’s suppose to be to be heard; live and loud, in your face. Everyone should check out their band page on FB

  3. great read girls magic just keep doing what you are doing brilliant keep it high voltage

  4. Having been ‘friends’ with BB on F/Book for a while I can certainly vouch for her and her fellow band-mates dedication to their craft. I will also add that she will always respond to any and all interaction on FB too. I look forward to the next time they hit English shores as I wouldn’t hesitate to go see them and have a beer or four afterwards for sure!!!
    Keep on Rockin’ and don’t sell the Deeds too Cheap!!!

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