Friday , 21 June 2024

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Sexecution interview

Interview with emerging colombian all-female speed metal band Sexecution


  1. k tal saludos a esta banda de ptm de peru

  2. Loved the interview and looking forward to your new album….

  3. I´ve listened to “Doomed Dark Years” on its entirety. The only reason why metal fans should be surprised of this all-female-black metal band is because the quality of the music is good enough (on their 1st album) to overcome any prejudices of gimmick and gender as promotional tools. The melodies and atmospheres on that record make gender notice irrelevant. Sadly the following albums are of lesser quality because as it happens to most post-1996 black metal musicians, they try not to repeat themselves musically but fail to develop there “new” direction with an underlying ideology; they start thinking as musicians not artists, so they end up making a better musical product but devoid of any artistic content. Subsequent albums sound like a mish-mash of ideas without direction bordering on un-intelligent and commercial heavy metal based “black metal”, once again making it gender notice irrelevant. Conclusion: women can also create good and sucky metal music.

  4. astarte las diosas del black metal…son las mejores, incomparables y muy poderosas que nos corrompe la mente…….metal forever….. no hay nada mejor que ser parte del black metal…..a seguir con mas discografias…black at heart – Puno – Peru

  5. Very respect this band from the beginning. It’s impressive and inspiring what they’ve done on metal arena. But when the musician become (or try to be) a businessman the music start to be less valuable as art. And really don`t like when musicians don`t confess that they’ve changed the course if not because of money but because of fame or what ever… and say, that they have a “progress”. Anyway the last 2 albums was interesting. i hope they`ll recall the older stuff and make something new. Wish`em better fate!

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