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Mystica Girls

Initially called Mystica, the idea of creating an entirely female band born from the mind of Jane in 2004. They were initially a cover band of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Machine Head among others.

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Country: Mexico
History: 2004 – Present
Status: Active
Style: Heavy Metal

Initially called Mystica, the idea of creating an entirely female band born from the mind of Jane in 2004. They were initially a cover band of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Machine Head among others.

After kicking some scenarios in their native Mexico they get settled with a stable lineup in 2007, formed by Jane, Cinthya, Carmen and Alis. Determined to follow the path of a female act, they reafirmed this fact by changing the name to Mystica Girls.

Growing up as a band, they decided to create their own material, and present it at events and competitions such as the Transfusion al Rock of Lunario at the Auditorio Nacional, reaching the first places among 100 candidates.

In mid-2007 Mystical Girls presented their demo with 6 original songs, and in February 2008 the second “Flood”, with two new songs and 4 other previous re-recorded.

In November 2008 they played some gigs in Spain and in the beginning of 2009 Sofia Renie replaced Carmen at the mic.

In January 2009, Mystica Girls show their first E.P. “Diluvio” at “Dada X” alternating with the American band “The Last Dance”. “Diluvio” is composed of 5 songs in which the band’s influences start to show up, embracing different styles of Metal music.

Band’s mass media appearances includes the most important tv shows like Animal Nocturno and Telehit, and newspapers in Mexico like “Reforma”, La Jornada”, “Universal” and magazines like Gotica, Dark, Nocturna, and Radio Stations like “Reactor 105.7 FM”, “Interferencia 730 AM”, and various On-line radio stations.

The band had the chance to jam and being visited by group members of “Stratovarius”, “La Cuca”, “Amantes de Lola”, “Air Supply”, “Carcass”, “Babasonicos”, “Nile” among others.

On summer 2011 the band released its first LP, “Metal Rose”.

Jane – Bass
Cinthya – Guitar, vocals
Alis – Drums
Sofia Renie – Vocals, violin

Former members:
Carmen – Vocals

2007, “Demo” (Demo)
2008, “Diluvio” (EP)
2011, “Black Rose” (LP)
2014, “Gates of Hell” (LP)

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  1. Hello!
    Since the early 2009, we have changed Mystica’s line up. Please check the myspace.

  2. Chicas la neta es que me encantan!!!! tocan pocamadre hechenle ganas!!!!

  3. Sorry, tthis girls continue to play covers mostly and they suck live, this comment is totally objective, a person who knows some music will tell you that this girls are playing their instruments and making lkive shows before they can actually play in a decent way!! Sorry again but the truth is that Mystica Girls are a bunch of wanna-be rockstar that forget somethoing very important: focus on your instrument and play good!!

  4. Hola, las ví en el Pool dog y sinceramente ví mucha madurez en sus arreglos (tiene que ver mucho el cambio de la vocal), la chica que grabó las voces de su demo tiene una voz muy chida pero para otro tipo de género, hay veces que ésa grabación evoca un poco a Santa Sabina pero con tintes metalosones, durante la presentación muchos nos dimos cuenta que hay mucha técnica, lástima del zopenco del DJ que no sabía nada se microfoneo.

    La voz de Sofía creo que le brinda más power a la banda (el cover de Cowboys from hell de Pantera es prueba de ello); y sinceramente chicas, espero que con la grabación de su LP se consolide más su identidad.

    Mucha suerte


    Compraré su disco e igual espero poder verlas nuevamente



  6. chicas son geniales, no solo oigo su muisca , si no q hago loq pokos hacen q es escuchar y realmente tienen buiena letra(se los digo como escritor y buen amante del rock.)

  7. cuando bienen a puebla en verdad me gusto i me impresiono su estilo de musica en verdad,le regale a mi sobrina de tan solo 5 años sus discos que les compre cuando vinieron y me lo firmo la baterista Yolanda y me saque una foto con ustedes en verdad un gusto Saludarlas y deleitar su musica en vivo y estan re bien bye nos leemos luego

  8. Mystica Girls celebra su X aniversario acompañadas de la Orquesta Filarmónica de las Artes en un concierto sin precedentes en México:
    “Metallica sinfónico”–Interpretarán lo más destacado del repertorio de Metallica con arreglos exclusivos para Mystica Girls. Sábado 6 de junio – 20 horas – Auditorio Insurgentes 98. SOLICITAMOS ATENTAMENTE A LOS MEDIOS INTERESADOS UNA ENTREVISTA CON EL ELENCO. INFORMES alejandra@ibarrolayasociados.com. tenemos pases de cortesía para el público de su medio.

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