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Country: Mexico
History: 2011 – Present
Status: Active
Style: Death Metal


Naurum is a Death Metal band with a tendency towards the melodic, founded in early 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) by Perla (guitar) and Lyall (vocals) who initiated the project driven by ideas and influences in common. The band has changed lineup several times until reaching a solid structure with the new members conforming the current lineup a year and a half later.

About the subjects the band sings about, they introduce the listener to a fantasy, telling a story that revolves around the main stage which is the desert, where our own thinking becomes dangerous but comforting at the same time, and what destroys but also regenerates us.

Musically, Naurum seek to externalize, transmit and especially to share the emotions which they have been identified with. They have a repertoire of own creations influenced by Hyprocrisy, In Flames, Fear Factory, Gojira, Bloodbath, among others. Each member brings details, own originality and ideas to strengthen the sound that identifies them as Naurum.


Lyall – Vocals
Perla – Guitars
Claudia – Guitars
Antonieta – Bass
Karla – Drums




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