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Name: Anita
Location: Nuremberg (Germany)

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Your favourite Metal Style
Classic Rock, Rock
Your Bands TOP 5
AC/DC, Saxon, WASP, Def Leppard, Pretty Maids
Male Musician most apreciated
Nikki Sixx
Female Musician most apreciated
Doro Pesch
Song always playing in your headphones
Wild Child/WASP, Princess of the Dawn/Accept, Broken Heroes/Saxon, Riff Raff/AC/DC, Gutter Ballet/Savatage …
Best concert you’ve been to
Aerosmith, AC/DC
Favourite Food
Sushi, Thai
Favourite Drink
Your hobbies
Reading, Music, Movies, Carnivores
Write a message to the readers
Stay metal 😉

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  1. i love you…they told me it wasnt necessary to give you my email but i thought wow… Are you a real person?…because if u are and this is not some weird russian twist thing to get me to help them get some people into the country…

    I love you.

    if someone else else (sorry i repeat when i get nervous) ahem, if someone else has already kept your heart in a mintly carved chest for as long as he can…

    vnm…im rambling.

    your a perfect puuurson.

    hope you actually get this that would be wild. hope you understand english..

  2. when i look at your beautiful smiling faces in your pics up top there, i cannot help but feel hope. I feel hope in it’s most minute manner as that it gives me that i can love and be interested again. you are the perfect…puuurfect example of my imagination. what i am looking at on this screen, which half of me feels is not even real, is the absolutely perfect representation of…

    nvm, i ramble again. i am thinking you are famous and have many people in your life.

    hope you can translate…

    p.s. I won’t stalk u ne-more 🙂

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