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Vinnie Marie Necrosadism

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Name: Vanessa Marie “Vinnie” Necrosadism
Location: Rio Grande Valley, TX (USA)

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Your favourite Metal Style
Your Bands TOP 5
Black Sabbath, Celtic Cross, Metallica, Slayer, Obituary, Auptopsy
Male Musician most apreciated
Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath
Female Musician most apreciated
Not so sure
Song always playing in your headphones
A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh – Celtic Cross…I love the intro.
Best concert you’ve been to
King Diamond over at the Villa Real in Mission, TX
Favourite Food
Italian, Chinese
Favourite Drink
Double Jack and Coke, Coke and Cranberry Juice
Your hobbies
Cooking, Painting, Collecting,
Write a message to the readers
I do metal interviews for TX bands for Winter Torment E-Zine. Welcome to my page.

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  1. If you like black metal, try dark throne, dimmu borgir, ragnarok, carpathian forest, 1349……. They’ll blow off your mind. \\m// mayhem \\m// BLACK METAL Forever !!!

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