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Velle Witch

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Country: Japan
Period: 1987 - 1989
Style: Occult metal


Occult heavy metal act from Japan, formed in 1987.

They released one demo tape in November 1988, called “Blood Noblewoman”.

Velle Witch also appeared on the “Heavy Metal Force Summer Special Vol. 1” compilation tape, released in 1988, with two songs. “You’re Posseed By Witch” is track #6 on the a-side, “Endure” is track #1 on the b-side of the vinyl. The band also appeared on Vol. 2 (same year) with (track #5 on the a-side).

Source: Velle Witch @ Last.FM


Taguchi Mayumi - Bass
Nakamura Reiko - Drums
Nagashima Takako - Guitars
Furuya Yukie - Vocals


1988, "Heavy Metal Force - Summer Special Vol. 1" (Split)
1988, "Blood Noblewoman" (Demo)
1988, "Heavy Metal Force - Special Vol-2" (Split)



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  1. Excellent Website.
    It’s a shame that “Velle Witch” and other truly unique artists arrive then leave with very little evidence they even existed. Sad to think of the unknown music that is out there in the universes waiting for the worthy to find it and bring into our world. Thank you.

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