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Harlequin is a band from Los Angeles, California that consists of musicians with tastes that differ greatly in the spectrum of metal/rock music. Their union is an exploration of collaboration between these musical styles, created for the love and sake of true music.

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Hollie and Amy had left Anghell months ago and her friend Taryn Lee was dying to play with them. She met and backed Hollie Petit in an audition to join her former band, Rapunzel, but was not supported by the rest.

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This female band was born more than ten years ago, in 1998, by the hands of the sisters Bruna: Maricela at the microphone and guitar and Lorena on bass and backing vocals. Their proposal mixes thrash and heavy, but could not be conducted without a third component, Ana Maria Beltran, who took up the drums after answering an ad.

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Great Brazilian metal band, formed in Brasilia with Mila Menzer (bass), Karla Carneiro (guitar), Ana (drums) and Eliane (voice). The latter two will not last long in Volkana, being replaced by Marielle Loyola (voice) and Debora (drums), coming from the bands Detrito Federal and Arte No Escuro. With this lineup they moved to Sao Paulo in 1988 to record the demo "Thrash Flowers", which contained only two songs and gave them some recognition.

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Yellow Machinegun


Over fifteen years of history and five albums endorse this curious japanese trio. Judging their promotional photos you would never imagine the music they do, and the anger transmitted by their thrash punk.

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Xenolith Oger


Inicialmente llamadas Zet, Este es uno de los primeros grupos thrash íntegramente femeninos de Japón, y del que desgraciadamente tenemos menos referencias.

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Wench was Yana Chupenko' s (originally from Ukraine) project, who previously had participated in the female punk band PMS (Pre Metal Syndrome) in the 80s. Looking for more recognition, Yana formed Wench (in fact with 4 ex-PMS), who had some renown in magazines like Kerrang and Rip in the late 80s.

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Suspended is a thrash metal trio formed in Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico, by Amanda Castillo, Melynda Montano and Channing Concho.

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Slaywhore is an american Slayer tribute band. As a big difference comparing the originals, they are a quintet and include a keyboardist in their lineup

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Scatha was born in 2004 when Julia Pombo on guitar and Cíntia Ventania on the bass decided to start their metal adventure. It was not until mid 2005 that the band was completed by Cynthia Tsai Yuen on drums, Paula Leão on guitar and the Rebecca Schwab at the microphone.

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